Yin Yang, people sprinkles, and some.

Yin Yang, people sprinkles, and someā€¦ It's been weeks since I was able to write anything. Not just here, but with our shop blog, posting updates on the land has been a struggle. I know why, I think. Life has been this beautiful mix of "Wholly sh!t, yay," and "damn sh!t storm". These extreme mixes … Continue reading Yin Yang, people sprinkles, and some.

Thinking: The Mindf@%#ery!

There are hundreds of blogs out there with the headline: "Don't let your emotions overpower your intelligence!". It kind of speaks for it self, the magnitude this phrase holds. But just because of it's magnitude, it doesn't mean it is automatically easy to live by. People: The collective, we the people, all of us, we … Continue reading Thinking: The Mindf@%#ery!