Thinking: The Mindf@%#ery!

There are hundreds of blogs out there with the headline: "Don't let your emotions overpower your intelligence!". It kind of speaks for it self, the magnitude this phrase holds. But just because of it's magnitude, it doesn't mean it is automatically easy to live by. People: The collective, we the people, all of us, we … Continue reading Thinking: The Mindf@%#ery!

What is a Dreckfuss, and why the dirty feet??

Hi, I am Elena. Lenii (Leneeee)is a nickname my mama gave me as a little kid. I love it. Since my mothers passing, my niece and nephew are the ones calling me Tante (aunt) Lenii. It makes my heart happy to hear. Dreckfuss, what? In german, Dreck is dirt and Fuss translates into foot, basically … Continue reading What is a Dreckfuss, and why the dirty feet??