Yin Yang, people sprinkles, and some.

Yin Yang, people sprinkles, and some…

It’s been weeks since I was able to write anything. Not just here, but with our shop blog, posting updates on the land has been a struggle. I know why, I think. Life has been this beautiful mix of “Wholly sh!t, yay,” and “damn sh!t storm”. These extreme mixes of emotion and intelligence towards multiple different aspects in life always keep me baffled, speechless. Not in a good or bad way, but just without words. Oh well, everyone has these imbalances I am sure. But what to do with it? How to deal with it? We all function differently.

There are so many good things going for me as individual currently. This life of mine is on a total high streak. There are also things throwing shadows at me. It almost feels like I am being told “hold on, can’t forget the sprinkles.” The opposite. For example, when there are more dark times and we feel very low, there are always these little things that appear in front of us. The good things we tend to miss or overlook, or just not putting much attention to because, well, the other side is just stronger at that given moment. It is just really odd, or maybe not, that one cannot be without the other. But it kinda comes in sprinkles. Like cake, chocolate sprinkles on whipped cream. So, when we have a lot of good things going on in one way, there will be sprinkles of not so good things, when there’s a lot of not so good things going on, we have the dark with the light sprinkles- or colored, whichever floats the boat.

Like a magnet, hmm, maybe that’s really the way to look at it. The yin yang way… you have the symbol and in each side you have the opposite colored dot. The opposite colored dot is the sprinkles, just combined. Then there are the two halfs, white and black, good – the light, and bad, the dark. Frankly and actually quite obviously, one doesn’t go without the other. Magnet. Energy.

I have been challenged by people lately. People I care for a lot and hold very dear, are being influenced by others in a way it wears on me. I don’t want to take it personal, yet I care for these people so much, I feel it is my responsibility to get them away from the environment that doesn’t do them well yet, how much say do I really have ? Really weird situations. It’s not that there is a need to prove anything from my end, no trues, no lies, actions matter, not words… it is really all about morals and simply being decent human beings. Yet, life for me as one, as well as the goal setting and smashing is currently a phenomenal ride. All is going well and smooth, things fall in our lap the way we chose. Manifesting at it’s finest with my dearest warrior man. So we have the big overall picture – which is how we create our life setting, our environment, our sacred place, I guess we could call it. And the people, the individual dots that form together one bigger dot in our opposite color to form the balance. We need this. The balance.

Over the years I have observed within myself how I try to adapt to these things. It seems to always be the same pattern. Either life’s’ setting is phenomenal and people have negative influence on my inner wellbeing, or vice versa. Lifes’ setting is not the greatest but the village is so strong it holds it all together…when I simply can’t. It is so good! Whichever the one side is, the yin or the yang, the setting or the people, I started to focus more of what was good. It helps balance out the bad feeling inside triggered by the dark side, while still picking it apart to find ways to turn it into light. So when the village is strong, I try to focus on that aspect and continue to build on it. This way there is always a balance in both areas to opposite times, opposite things.

I feel I am rambling and am not sure if this is even somewhat understandable to a person who would reads this. What I am trying to say is, it is indeed marvelous how it all is intertwined. So the side we build on, the wolf we choose to feed, the grass we choose to water, that’s where it grows, where we grow stronger in mind, in body, in soul. It matters what we take out of it. Do we learn the good and the bad? Do we learn right over wrong, or intelligence versus emotion… What do we open or close our eyes to? What occupies the heart and soul? What consumes us? Where do we stop enjoying or dwelling. It never comes alone. It always brings the other….what is IT? The balance. The whole. The everything. The I and the body….Weird stuff but it’s a balance.

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