What is a Dreckfuss, and why the dirty feet??

Hi, I am Elena. Lenii (Leneeee)is a nickname my mama gave me as a little kid. I love it. Since my mothers passing, my niece and nephew are the ones calling me Tante (aunt) Lenii. It makes my heart happy to hear.

Dreckfuss, what? In german, Dreck is dirt and Fuss translates into foot, basically dirt-foot. Wearing as little shoes as possible, I found it to be ‘fitting’. My feet are just about never clean, unless I step out of the shower or onto a yoga mat – I sure as heck wash them before that. Another thing my mama used to say: “Lenii, geh’ wasch dei’ Dreckfuess”, meaning, go wash your dirty feet, in heavy Franconian slang.

When I was young, my friend Julia and I used to walk a half mile to the milkman outside of town, barefoot, kissing the ground from heel to toe, with every single step we took. It was a great feeling. Walking barefoot takes me back to basics, it grounds me, I feel connected to the earth. This is what I want. Being one with the mother, feeling her energy run through the body. Wearing shoes makes me think of squeezing my feet into an enclosing, a tight space, something they are supposed to fit in, in order to look good, or be accepted – kinda reminds me of life and that “living in the box” type thing.

The importance of being barefoot is actually quite big. Many don’t realize the health benefits it can bring with it. Unfortunately, today it is very much frowned upon. Maybe, but just maybe – I can delightfully persuade you to feel the goodness on our so ever hard working trotters. I mean, think about it. They carry us all day, every day, throughout our entire life. Our weight, everything within us…not an easy task. So looking at it from a different aspect other than the biweekly, or monthly pedicure we tend to get, which can get pricey I am sure (I haven’t gotten pedis in years, I don’t know what they charge nowadays), I would like to invite you to look at it a little different…

Here are just few of the benefits of wearing less shoes, rather more dirt on our feet:

*It can help us connect to the earth, it grounds us

*It can strengthen and stretch the feet muscles

*It can reduce chronic pain

*It can improve energy levels

*It can detoxify and recharge the body

*It can decrease depression and anxiety

It is nice to pause every now and then, be in the moment and actively feel the tingles it provides, the energy exchange between body and the earth, the clearness that comes with it when taking the time to focus on it. Why not just give it a try, I am always open for feedback :).

And as always:

Be kind! Do good! Take no sh!t – and have a marvelous day,


Hi, I am Lenii ✌🏽

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